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Customer: ООО «СЛ МедикалГруп»

Website of Medical Laboratories Citylab

Site address: Citylab medical laboratory network

For the CityLab laboratories, we have developed a website with a convenient adaptive design, and useful functionality for both patients and doctors.

Patients can apply for analyses, get results, send them to their doctor, as well as monitor the dynamics of changes in the results of analyses. The site offers a convenient tool for doctors who works with the medical laboratory.

In the new site the database of the existing mobile app CityLab Expert was used, the site was tightly integrated with the app.

Main features of the site:

Catalog of analyses
All analyses are grouped by category. There is a search for the analysis code, its name and filter by the analysis guide. Each test is accompanied by a detailed description, including the methods of research, methods of sampling, and preparation for the analysis.

List of branches and schedule of doctors
The section lists all the branches of the laboratory in different cities, the schedule of doctors. You can see the location of the branches on the map.

Patient's personal account

Create a request for test
In the personal account, the patient can create a request for new tests, calculate their cost taking into account the discount system. You can view, track status, filter, add to favorites the created requests.
If the analysis is assigned by a doctor, the patient can view the doctor's data and revoke access to the doctor's review results.

Tests results
All tests results are available in the personal account. They can be viewed, downloaded, accessed by your doctor. The results of the series of analyzes are displayed in dynamics, in the form of a graph indicating the range of normal values.

Parent Account
In the app you can create a parent account and manage subordinate accounts. This is useful if you want to set up separate access for family members.

Directly in the application you can ask specialists.

Personal cabinet Settings
The user can edit his profile data, add a discount card, manage subscriptions and notifications.

Doctor's personal account
In the personal account, the doctor can assign analysis to patients, view the status of the tests and their results (if he has permission). All request for analysis can be sorted by status and creation time, filtered by tags and added to favorites.

The personal doctor's account also provides feedback, the ability to manage subscriptions and notifications. There is access to special pivate sections of the site.

Sections "Webinars", "Publications" and "PROTEST Magazine"
The sections contain a list of available webinars, announcements, as well as professional publications for doctors.

Backend development and integration with LIS Genesis
Also we carried out the following works:

Notification module
The e-mail and SMS notifications module is installed on the site. Patients receive notifications about the status of their orders, doctors receive webinars announcements.

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